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As a construction company with a diverse portfolio, P McNamara Contracting Limited recognise that our day to day activities impact on the environment in ways which are positive and negative. We wish to minimise these harmful effects wherever and whenever practicable, and will work to secure business benefit from environmental protection.

P McNamara Contracting Limited are committed to the prevention of pollution and monitoring and reducing any adverse impact of our operations on the environment and local community. We will work to minimise the impact of our operations by:

  • Complying with and, where possible, exceed all relevant environmental legislation and other environmental regulations and standards of relevance to the industry sectors in which we operate.
  • Reduce harmful emissions wherever possible.
  • Seek to reduce consumption of materials in our operations and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials.
  • Demonstrating efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials, as well as taking appropriate opportunities to minimise waste and re-use and recycle wherever possible.
  • Incorporating environmental considerations into the procurement of goods and services by partnering with suppliers to ensure effective environmental supply-chain management and to promote sustainable sourcing of products and materials.
  • Allocating sufficient management resources to ensure effective implementation of the environmental policy.
  • Review our policy on a regular basis to take account of new developments in environmental management and legislation.
  • Perform periodic audits of our activities to ensure compliance with company requirements, legislation and policy requirements.
  • Training of staff, suppliers and contractors to enhance awareness of relevant environmental issues and ensuring effective management of environmental impacts.
  • Seeking to influence the environmental impact of final constructed projects by encouraging the enhancement of environmental specification and design.
  • Encouraging the use of local products in preference to those transported over long distances.